CPG/Retail Industry

Empowering with Seamless Vision and Experience Across Multiple Channels

The advent of the Internet and social media means that consumers are seeking instant information and a seamless experience across multiple channels. Empowered customers are now demanding more and more choice quickly from manufacturers and retailers. CPG/ retail companies need to provide a better in store experience for their customers that is personalized, convenient and quick. In this envirnment, customer centricity, cost reduction and a multi-channel mode of commnunication are the key drivers in the retail and CPG industry space. Companies are looking for better customer engagement, next generation trade marketing, omni-channel commerce and integration of their sales channels. The also look to optimize their supply chain management.

Some key challenges for the CPG/Retail companies

Low visibility on the value chain leading to increased Time to Market (TTM)

Little or no visibility of secondary sales activities

Longer inventory handling time causing revenue loss

Longer order-to-cash cycle

Complicated and longer partner on-boarding and de-boarding

Massive volume of complex and mission critical data

Inability to track stock outs or over-supply

Delayed stock replenishment resulting in lost sales

Delayed dealer claims and scheme processing due to inaccurate and disparate sales data

Mobility Solutions for Retail, CPG, FMCG, F&B Industries

Invasystems’ Mobility and Analytic solutions are helping transform the entire retail business ecosystem. The Mobien Sales application can centralize sales force automation, helping companies address issues of inconsistent market coverage, leakage of revenue owing to promotion mismatch and correcting low visibility on customer buying patterns. As a part of the Mobien Sales Suite, Invasystems also offers tools for monitoring activities in retail and running loyalty programs for retailers and influencers. Mobien Retail Application enables store promoters to conduct in-store branding, shelf tracking and to report inventory outages.


Mobien Van sales is designed to generate a clear return on your investment, thanks to manageable up-front costs of devices, easy integration with back-office systems and solid security capabilities. It offers reporting capabilities that span route-wise transaction and inventory reports while putting you in control with a user-friendly dashboard. Invasystems has custom solutions for CPG companies in mobility with actionable insights to improve their strategic decision making by constantly evaluating the retail landscape and devising the right campaigns. Invasystems Analytics redefines customer engagement, extending deep visibility into the supply chain and offering the much needed bridge to the last mile of retail connectivity.


All this helps to achieve the core objectives of organizations for achieving differentiation, brand enhancement and competitive advantage. From retailer insights to promotions and loyalty programs, Invasystems Solutions aims at creating an effective information sharing platform connecting all the stakeholders across the Industry– companies, retailers and consumers. The end result is increased store visits, increased compliance, improved sales efficiency and additional drive revenue.

Solutions for CPG Industries



A virtual sales process at your fingertips



A real time distribution management system

Modern Trade

Modern Trade

Real time decisions on point of sale data

ROI Driven Approach

Operating Cost

Reduce operating cost and higher sales efficiency


Optimized inventory across value chain through real time visibility

Market Coverage

Improved market coverage leading to better brand recall and market positioning

Lost Sales

Isolate lost sales through higher market coverage and real time inventory information

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