Effective doctor and pharmacy engagement, coupled with up-to-date information on prescription audit reports, help pharmaceutical companies enhance sales efficiency.

Invasystems simplifies these complex processes by deploying mobility solutions for front line sales teams to capture doctor and pharmacy visits, prescription audits, and sales and returns management. The aggregated data can be integrated with smart analytics for actionable insights.

In the pharmaceutical domain, we are currently focusing on

Doctor & pharmacy visits

Prescription audits

Sales and returns management

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In today’s world, the one of the key objectives for management is to equip their sales team with the correct information in the right shape and form at the needed time. The level of information needed for achieving market expansion varies significantly by industry.



Sales management including van sales

Call/route planning and reporting


Distribution management

Invasystems’ distribution solutions help pharmaceutical companies gain visibility on secondary sales and inventory to isolate stock-outs/over-supply in secondary channels.



Replenishment-based model for order management

Returns with batch validation and subsequent ERP integration

Broadcast promotion information and current status

Solutions for pharmaceutical industry



A virtual sales process at your fingertips

ROI Driven Approach

Operating Cost

Reduce operating cost and higher sales efficiency


Optimized inventory across value chain through real time visibility

Market Coverage

Improved market coverage leading to better brand recall and market positioning

Lost Sales

Isolate lost sales through higher market coverage and real time inventory information

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