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4-Step Process for IIoT Maturity

Invasystems focuses on providing a comprehensive IIoT solution to power, process manufacturing, oil and gas and equipment manufacturing sectors to help each boost their operational efficiency, improve health and safety and reduce unplanned downtime. These objectives are achieved through data analysis, including monitoring, reliability assessment and diagnostics, thermal performance modeling and efficiency optimization. Given the breadth of IIoT our approach is to offer a solution using our own products, third party products and carefully designed service offerings.

There are five levels of IIoT maturity as depicted in the diagram below:

Level A – Basic

At this level of maturity data is restricted to the site level and stored in either DCS or SCADA systems or remains at PLC level.

Level B – Monitoring

At this level data from one or multiple plants is brought to a centralized server for basic monitoring and is stored in a system called “Historian”.

Level C -Reliability

Real time data is analyzed using Artificial Intelligence for detecting anomalies and potential failures before they occur. Rule-based diagnostics are performed to identify the root cause of issues, corrective actions can be taken before potential problems escalate.

Level C -Performance

Thermodynamic modelling and analysis is used for assessing performance degradation at both equipment level and-plant level. Reliability and performance findings are combined in order to increase productivity of the plant.

Level D -Optimization

At this level optimization techniques are applied, with a goals of power generating while minimizing fuel consumption, finding the best time for air filter replacement, compressor wash and other maintenance task, and optimizing the use of equipment, materials, and man-power.

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