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AI powered Mobile Apps that will boost sales efficiency in your distribution business

“Sales Beat Plan” also called “Permanent Journey Plan” is a day level route plan made for field sales & marketing executives to visit several stores at a pre-defined frequency. These visits are necessary not only to handle order collection but also for visual merchandising and most importantly competitor analysis. Stock outages are periodically reported from retail stores as well as distributors to continuously replenish the orders. Primary objective behind having a beat or route-based plans is to ensure higher market coverage.

But often these flat Journey plans (without key insights) does not serve the core purpose even if followed properly by Sales executives as executive encounters number of problems such as

  1. Inability to complete the entire journey plan because of dynamic situations like route conditions, impromptu retailer calls and visits, cycle meetings etc.
  2. Non-availability of Store owners
  3. Retailers placing orders to competition because of stock outages
  4. Inability of frontline sales teams to do upselling and cross selling owing to non-visibility of retailer buying data over the period.

Conventional beat plans are typically made using two factors – geography locations of retailers and their categorisation based on buying. Often these do not serve the purpose of ensuring higher market coverage and optimum sales efficiency.

Invasystems offers Mobien sales suite with AI (Artificial Intelligence) backed solution that not only ensures that the front-line sales reps are equipped with all the necessary sales tools to get their work done. Mobien sales suite offers AI powered beat optimization module that helps sales reps optimise their field time to maximise market coverage and higher sales efficiency. The AI module takes into account retailer location data, current route conditions, retailer classification and their historic buying pattern to ensure higher optimisation of the rep’s field time. Apart from beat optimisation, it also offers SKU recommendations during retailer engagement based on current promotions, historic buying data of the retailer and the product mix. This ensures that sales efficiency is increased owing to higher upselling and cross selling.

Real time notifications to the reps about product recommendations, retailer visit optimisation and recommendation of an unplanned retailer that’s within the vicinity of the rep based on its buying pattern improves retailer engagement and sales efficiency.

Please get in touch with one of our product specialists to experience how AI (artificial intelligence) powered Mobien apps could throttle digital transformation of your sales process.

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