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Reimagine Business Processes with Voice of Customer(VoC)

Customers play an essential role in achieving your business success. To eliminate business siloes, you need to integrate the opinions of all the stakeholders that participate in running your business. You are a part of an extensive ecosystem, and your services and products must incorporate all aspects of it. To understand this thoroughly, you must consider what Voice of Customer (VoC) is.  Using metrics like revenue or churn rate tells only a part of your business story. To dive deeper into the subtleties of your business, you need to consider your customer’s perspectives too.  

Voice of Customer (VoC) aims precisely at that. It’s a term that businesses use to gather the customer’s insights, feedback, and comments on the services and products they offer. It’s a technique of collecting your customer’s feedback and combining them to form a collective perceived opinion of your brand from your customer’s viewpoint. Through this, brands can find the gap between what their customers expect and what they are receiving in return. Then companies take specific measures to fill those gaps to provide better services to their clients.  

How can feedback & insights of VoC help in restructuring the business? 

Collecting customer feedback has historically been a fundamental part of growing a business. But the VoC shifts the focus from collecting aggregate data to individual data. It stresses the importance of assuring your customers that you have incorporated their feedback into the products and services. An ideal VoC program will provide a business-wide structure for addressing and utilizing customer feedback. The VoC establishes a strategy that involves the entire company to work together to resolve the problem. It results in a coordinated approach to improving the customer experience, solving challenges, and driving growth for your business.  

Moreover, the insights gathered using VoC programs can help improve company products and services. Using honest customer opinions is an effective way to enhance existing services and communication strategies and meet customer expectations.  

Monitoring what customers say and their expectations allows you to benefit from the insight found in even weak signals such as dissatisfaction and frustration. Using insights, you can capture current trends to fuel new product development. In addition, having such intelligence can determine the success or failure of new offerings early in the development stage.  


How VoC helps in improving business outcomes? 

The VoC helps businesses hone their product or service into something that customers truly want and will continue to invest time and money into. Instead of just collecting data, VoC focuses on understanding it.  

Why? Because if you know customers are facing problems, it should be your goal to get to its root. In contrast, if you know where customers are finding enjoyment in your product, you must find out why to expand on it.  

By using Dynamics 365 VoC services by SpadeWorx, you can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Let us help you be a pathfinder and hero in the industry to make your business stand out and grow better. 

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