Major Advisory company based out of UK.

Customer provides  wide range of restructuring services involving taxes, financials, pensions, valuations, insolvency advisory and these are managed as Independent Projects in IFS ERP system by their Consultants

Customer Needs

  • Obtain a clean IT break from previous provider as quickly as possible for the 500+ user team
  • Remove the number and complexity of systems supporting the business thereby improving the quality and timeliness of data analysis
  • Reduce time spend producing the numbers to allow analysis to move the business forward
  • Improved MI & Reporting – business insight, understanding the pipeline, Won not delivered (WND) and reforecasting
  • Future-proof the business by increasing capability
  • Flawless integration of IFS to SIP9 System
  • Thought leadership during IT divesture and transition
  • Needed Strong team to implement best practices of IFS Solution for the enterprise
  • Change Management

The Solution

  • Invasystems deployed highly experienced IFS consultants who studied customer’ s Business processes and multiple Revenue Recognition scenarios
  • The management team adopted a positive approach, fully recognizing the need to position the best resources as it’s a restructuring business in addition to this; the customer is on the latest version of IFS Cloud 21R2.
  • Team provided Out of Box standard solution for most of business processes while few integrations with their SIP9 system were designed for two way smooth data flow.
  • Two levels of User testing sessions conducted to made users familiar about the solution as well as get their acceptance. This has majorly covered Change Management issues.
  • Although the project was treated as vanilla implementation, Invasystems provided all of the technical, functional resources to resolve all the issues they were facing in the legacy system, almost 30+ customizations have been developed without touching the base code which in turn will help IFS for smooth upgrades.
  • This was a technically challenging project and required many iterations due to the way IFS works in Cloud.

The Benefits

  • Customer is now going live with IFS Cloud 21R2 would be reaping huge benefits from the success of the implementation in areas of project management, finance and human resource.
  • This shall be one of first few customers going live on this new system on cloud.
  • Having now implemented a substantial cross-section of the IFS functionality, Customer is currently embarking on Phase II of the project, giving it the opportunity to turn on additional features / module that are available in IFS Cloud.
  • Customer now has a future-proof IFS solution with customizations that are not affecting the base or standard code
  • This platform will support the company’s forecasted business growth across the next 3-5 years, providing all the functionality needed.

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