Established in 1983, Mega Life Sciences is engaged in manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing medicines – nutritional, herbal, OTC-drugs, and prescription-drugs – in developing countries. Currently they operate in more than 50 countries from Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, CIS-Countries, Latin America and Europe.

Mega did not have any control on the credits being given to customers, and also didn’t know whether the right products and right schemes were available to customers. The main objective of implementing a mobility solution was to introduce an “Available-to-Promise” capability and improve stock planning and enhanced visibility.

The iNotify mobile enterprise application platform was deployed to be accessed by their sales officer, sales manager, medical representatives, delivery vans and collection agents. After implementation of iNotify, sales persons were able to deliver customer the required product. Decisions could be made to correct the routes taken by their vans, which in turn improved service to all their customers. It has also improved turnaround time for customers.

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