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Streamline your business for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery or reduce costs

Business Process Automation is a highly strategic enabler of business control and agility. Find how we render value

  • Bring Operational Stability by automating processes.
  • Achieve Consistent Customer Experiences through standardized processes.
  • Successfully measure metrics with defined and automated workflows.
  • Reduce cost and overheads by reducing errors and improving efficiency.
  • Save time by automating manual tasks and processes.
  • Reduce person efforts by right automation to arrive at set goals.


Designing and Developing Workflows: Machin-to-Machine, Human-to-Human, Human-to-Machine

Workflow is the automation of a business or laboratory process in which documents, information or tasks are passed from one machine or person to another for action according to a set of procedural rules. SpadeWorx designs and develops Workflows to finish the entire process quickly and efficiently

Designing and Developing Workflows Machin-to-Machine, Human-to-Human, Human-to-Machine

RPA Consulting and Implementation

RPA Consulting and Implementation

Many critical business processes are difficult to automate, especially those that involve unstructured or “dark” data, including data from documents like invoices, purchase orders and more.

SpadeWorx helps you achieve RPA with its cognitive platform which allows

  • Pre-trained AI models to understand common document types
  • Enhancement of cognitive bots through machine learning
  • An intuitive dashboard to manage and monitor your bots

Case Studies

Paperless Logistics Solution

Pioneer in User Centered Software Engineering- UCSE.

Recognition boosting employee engagement using ONA

Developed the employee social platform for coworkers to appreciate efforts/ contributions put by others.

Proposal Builder for Sales Team

Mobile Application that enables sales to get the latest customer data, customer-specific pricing and auto-generated quotation



“This application has reduced the crucial time we lost in requirement gathering, showcasing our product line and submitting proposal for faster decision making.”

Product Catalog Tablet App

Kevin Wray, Betco


No waiting time for customers. A shot in the arm for Operational Effectiveness. Exactly what we were looking for

Jack Cooper Transport

Operations Manager, USA


“Employee support services BOTs have reduced the workload of HR by taking care of leave approval request from employees.”

Rajan Mohindra,

Managing Partner, Icon capital




EPC / Engineering


How bots help automation


How bots help automation using MS Cognitive Services Framework

In this fast-paced world that is almost entirely technologically dependent;

smart workplaces for employees


How are smart workplaces changing the way organizations work?

The power of automation has smartly transformed our lives. With

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