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A Wide Range of Services to Drive Next Level of Engagement and Boost Productivity of the Employees

Employee Experience matters for the simple reason that it has cascading effect on Employee Engagement leading to Customer satisfaction, profitability, productivity and worker performance and retention.

Services to Drive Next Level of Engagement and Boost Productivity

Workstream Collaboration (Intranet)

is an immersive, rapid-response collaborative work model to improve team agility. This includes leveraging conversation workspace, usage of BOTs, Files sharing, task management and many more collaborative capabilities

  • Teams Collaboration – Application Development & Integration ServicesSmart Workplaces
  • Internet Implementation Services
  • Teams ChatBOT Solutions
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Workstream Collaboration (Intranet)

Talent Management and Employee Engagement

Talent Management and Employee Engagement

services spans from Employee Onboarding till succession planning, encapsulating talent acquisition, talent assessment, skill and performance, Knowledge management, learning enrichments along with specific employee engagement services

  • Talent Acquisition SolutionApplication Upgrade (SAP/Oracle)
  • Candidate Experience Solution
  • Talent Assessment
  • Talent Marketplace
  • Skills and Performance Management
  • Peer-to-Peer Feedback
  • Peer-to-Peer Employee Recognition
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Knowledge Management

providing a Stage Gate based collaboration framework for Project, Documents felicitating employees for reference and search for faster work and reduce duplication.

  • Stage Gate based Knowledge Life Cycle Management
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Knowledge Management Service


People Analytics

felicitating insights and accelerators for Smarter Talent, Business Strategies and Decisions.

  • Visualizations
  • Implementing ONA
  • Leverage Microsoft Graph to Drive People Analysis Solutions
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Application Modernization, Development and Support

Meeting ever changing customer demands and to outgrow competition, needs revamp of applications and support practices on cutting edge tech to GROW FAST GROW BIG

  • Custom Application Development/Modernization
  • L1, L2 Support
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Application Modernization, Development and Support

Crisis Communication Solutions

Crisis Communication Solution

A feature-rich solution to meet the needs of your employees and enterprise in the time of crisis

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Work Faster, Engage Effectively, Boost Efficiency and Productivity


Our work stream collaboration aims at putting together a collaborative framework of teams, conversational chats, and process-oriented knowledge management tools to help felicitate faster and smarter work.

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing

Our stage gate based process-oriented knowledge management tools help Employees work rapidly leading to faster GTM.

Recognition and Rewards

Recognition and Rewards

Our Recognition Platform services help employee recognize and appreciate valued work of their colleagues, motivate, increase engagement and create a sense of belongingness.


of higher productivity reported by companies with high level of engagement. Lower voluntary turnover by 31%, 41% Less Absenteeism, 20% better in sales, 10% better in customer engagement.



Workstream collaboration Services provide conversational, contextual, search oriented ways to work faster and smarter.

Higher Engagement

Engaging Applications makes Employees more productive.

Culture Driven

Culture aligned recognition of employees valued work increased Motivation and Instill Pride of Association in Employees.


Applications infused with AI/ML based BOT gives leverage of personal assistants, Team Chats provide cohesive workplace

Insights Driven

Analytics provided data driven framework to make informed decisions.

Efficient & Productive

Interconnected, Omnichannel Applications bring teams, tasks together resulting in efficient ways of working.




EPC / Engineering


Case Studies

Factory Workers HR Application

To enhance Operational Efficiency by effectively manning resources and assets at operational units spanned across globe.

iConnect-Dr. Reddy’s Knowledge Management System

Creation of knowledge base and its optimum utilization makes drug approval filing faster and easy.

Innovation Management Platform for Employees for Auto Manufacturer

Honda R&D Americas, Inc. is an automobile, motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, lawnmower, boat engine,




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