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To meet the needs of your employees and enterprise in the time of crisis

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Are you ready with information and tools to handle COVID-19 crises?

Employee Needs

Employee Anxiety & Concerns

Uncertain times bring anxiousness in the minds of employees. Questions like How to work in changed environment, How to follow SOP and guidelines.

Employee Motivation

Working remotely brings aloofness, Are you equipped with motivational tool to keep the morale high in current crises.

Mental Well-being & Productivity

Health status of your employees directly influences their work behavior, and on-the-job performance.

Enterprise Needs

Important Policy Changes

Businesses need to respond to the rapidly changing needs of their customers and employees.

WFH Tools & Guidance

Remote Working needs tools for collaboration and innovation when physical presence is impacted.


Important advisories related to health & safety by government organizations and enterprises.

Customer Needs

Business Continuity

How can technology play a key role in responding to these changes and challenges.

Customer Support and Communication

Customer Support gets a huge surge of inquiries that enterprises are not equipped to handle.

Important SOP Changes

How to effectively manage workforce and maintain business continuity especially during times of uncertainty?

What are we offering?

Communication Site

A ready to use, template driven SharePoint Site. Keep people informed, engaged, and moving forward during crises

Communication Site

MS Teams and Power Apps

MS Teams and Power Apps

A ready to use, Microsoft Teams & Power Apps app. Let employees collaborate seamlessly during crisis

COVID-19 Smart Bot

Free Chat Bot to answer common COVID-19 questions. Provide authentic and real-time information in a conversational manner

COVID-19 Smart Bot

Employee Recognition and Idea Management

Employee Recognition and Idea Management

SaaS-based products with 6-month free subscription. Boost employee moral and invite innovative ideas to handle crisis

What can you do with it?


Create announcements, news, resources, communities, and calls-to-action

Central Resource

Create a central resource for leaders and communicators to share important news and announcements

Connect People

Create a place to connect people across the organization

How fast can you address above needs?

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Quickly Setup Communication Site


List of emergency contacts with detailed contact information of Crisis Response/Support team


Ability to publish news, updates, and content specific to organization


Ability for employee to provide presence status i.e. working from home, out sick, on personal leave, and out on vacation


Ability for manage helpful tips that users have contributed for their peers.


Frequently asked questions


Useful application links and KM sites’ URLs


Ability for manage helpful tips that users have contributed for their peers.


Tweets handler feeds from sources like WHO & CDC


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