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A Key Factor for the Organizations to Attract & Retain Top Talent and Keep Employees Motivated & Engaged in Improving Business Performance

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Companies often face challenges while managing the ability, expertise and power of employees within the workplace and retaining the top talent due to various factors.

A Wide Range of Solutions to Help you Make Data-Driven Decisions to Improve your Acquisition, Management, & Retention Strategies

  • Poor hiring strategies
  • Ineffective leadership
  • Lack of employee recognition and feedback
  • Inexperience with technologies
  • Employee turnover
  • Lack of communication and trust

Services to help you make data-driven decisions

Talent Acquisition Solution

Collaborate with on-site & remote employees as well as clients.Optimize your hiring lifecycle to deliver a delightful candidate experience and a smooth onboarding process to find the right people and empower them for driving improved productivity.

Talent Acquisition Solution

Candidate Experience Solution

Candidate Experience Solution

A solution to improve candidate engagement, enable them to build real relationships, bring tailored experiences, and streamline conversation at the individual level.

Talent Assessment

Talent assessment engages workforce and enhances business performance by matching candidates with their best-fit jobs according to their skillsets and work behaviors.

Talent Assessment

Talent Marketplace

Talent Marketplace

Mobilize internal talent to address work challenges efficiently and align diverse skills and extensive knowledge by providing a holistic and integrated resource management approach.

Skills and Performance Management

A multi-layered and personalized process ranging from objective planning and implementation to tracking progress and performance review.

Skills and Performance Management

Peer-to-Peer Feedback

Peer-to-Peer Feedback

A vital addition to the organization’s performance management process that allows employees to evaluate their peers and enhance the quality of work.

Peer-to-Peer Employee Recognition

Employees appreciating each other for their excellent work creates a sense of belonging in them, resulting in improved employee engagement and reduced employee turnover. Bravo ,our recognition and rewards platform brings desired behavior in employees linked with company’s cultural values to meet strategic objectives. More about BRAVO- Employee recognition and rewards platform.

Peer-to-Peer Employee Recognition

Case Studies

Skill and Performance assessment of Blue-Collar workers

Skill Gap Assessment for blue-collar workers was a challenge as the entire process was paper-driven

Recognition boosting employee engagement using ONA

Developed the employee social platform for coworkers to appreciate efforts/ contributions put by others.

Multisource Feedback Tool Application

Designed and developed a feedback app for proactive and solicited feedback for and from employees for process



Sparkle has helped Unilever in assisting ,managing capability & talent for all factory workers in supply chain units. A blue collar skills management system that works using the system of standard jobs. Sparkle performs evaluation and assessment, training need analysis, and training monitoring. This project was picked as the best practice and implemented globally by Unilever

Pritam Dutta

General Manager Consumer & Employee Technology


Employee Recognition tool have helped Equinix gain major insights about employee engagement and this has cut across all boundaries and geos, boosting employee collaboration and happiness quotient.

Brian Lillie

CIO, Equinix


Career Explorer. The feedback and the experiences received have been very positive so far. People like the cleanliness of the design. They compare it with an Instagram look and feel.

Gabi Wals

Unilever UK




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