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Immersive,Rapid-Response Collaborative Work Model to Improve Team Agility

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Grappling with disjointed workplace with silos of applications, processes, documents and tools?

The Purpose of Workstream Collaboration Applications is to Improve Team Coordination, Performance, Communications, & Productivity.

  • Different Information Sources
  • Lack of Collaboration in Work Teams
  • Non Conversational
  • Cumbersome Task Management
  • Less Engaging and Non Contextual
  • Silos Driven


Teams Collaboration

A collaboration hub for teamwork which integrating people, content and tools required by teams to be more engaged and effective.

Application developed on teams provide improved collaboration for on-site & remote employees as well as for clients.

Teams Collaboration

Intranet Implementation Services

Intranet Implementation Services

Our Intranet Implementation Services ride on two building blocks

  • In the Present
  • Towards the future

To ensure a cohesive look and feel throughout the intranet, without disrupting what the users already know and help people and business achieve more.

Our Intranet Service create memorable experiences for users that work seamlessly on all platforms and devices, provide ubiquitous access to information, facilitate creation of communities resulting into opportunities for collaboration.

Intranets that provide consistent optimized User Experience, improve quality of information finding, dynamic and alive to suit customization and to express your brand and meet the needs of your audience.

MS Teams Custom Solution Application​

MS Teams Custom Solution Application​ allows you to interact with and obtain information from a software or website in a text/search/conversational manner. The solution helps your employees collaborate across various projects, team tasks,notification,status updates and also kicking off a workflow.

MS Teams Custom Solution Application​

Case Studies

Onboarding beta testers and real-time simulations experiences

Customer is one of the largest data centers in USA with over 8000+ Employees

MS Teams app with Recognition Platform

KeyPoint Credit Union is an award-winning credit union that continues to focus on elite member service while

Varian Medical system

Varian Medical Systems based out of Palo Alto, California, USA, is a leading radiation oncology treatments and software maker



“Prajakta, SpadeWorx and Varian team, today we have uneventful Monday morning – first day after VMSNet SPO launched, actually I do not see a single incident opened – a proof of this successful launching VMSNet. Thank you for the extraordinary work in planning, testing and solutions building. Bravo to you all.”

Robert Xu

CIO, Varian Medical Systems.


“Giving recognition from teams app on Bravo has made life easier to bring context to recognition from project task standpoint.”

Rajan Mohindra

Managing Partner , Icon Capital, UAE




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Clients Workstream Collaboration
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