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Modernizing applications using cutting-edge technology and support provides rich dividends to enterprise customers.

Invasystems application support and maintenance services primarily works on the principals of “Keeping pace with the time and evolving customers needs and changing IT landscapes”
As Inflexible and closed architectures are challenging to modern minds at work and Digital Business Demands Modern Applications.

Keeping industry demands and changing processes ,We offer our services to

  • Ensure Business Continuity by migrating your legacy application.
  • Increase Employee Productivity using systems to help work faster and efficient.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience with latest tools and applications.


SAP, Oracle, IFS Application Support

Invasystems Enterprise Applications services are transformational solutions offering for customers and partners to enable “ Distributed, customer centric, component based and mission critical essential services to carry out their business operations flawlessly and to simplify their work”

Our team of talented functional experts, business analysts, and technical professionals is a truly cross-functional team united to break down traditional organizational silos and develop customer focused,

SAP, Oracle, JDE Application Support

Next Generation AMS

Next Generation AMS

Next Gen AMS is a delivery framework which is bundled with flexible delivery model equipped with ITIL and ITSM industry best practices lead by automation tools and accelerators intended to provide customer satisfaction and business value to our clientele. Traditionally AMS is considered as a cost optimization initiative not as a business improvement lever. However perception has been changing as organizations are transforming digitally. Enhanced customer experience with highest standard of service delivery with agility has been the guiding principle of Invasystems Next Gen AMS.

Managed Service Program

We provide ongoing Support and maintenance services for Applications deployed for customers .This support covers end user support, break-fixes and minor enhancements. We will provide Support and Maintenance contract proposal if the same is requested from Customers as separate signup once customization in the platform is requested and delivered.

We look after incident management and service/support requests and ensure timely resolutions of the same as per SLA’s defined. We Offer L2 and L3 Level of Support to its enterprise customers which resolves users’ query/issue but that does not require any code modification i.e.
Configuration changes or Master data level changes. Activities includes resolution of:
a) Functional queries
b) Role mismatch
c) Data errors
We use Incident reporting and management systems for managed support Contracts. We provide L2 and L3 level of support with SLA’s defined as per priority levels of incidents
Reported as in P1, P2, P3 and P4. We utilize email communication and online communication tools

Managed Service Program

24x7 Support( SLA, KPI)

24×7 Support( SLA, KPI)

Invasystems provides L1, L2 level support along with instant support by email for existing applications. Invasystems support team will take complete knowledge/ Understanding of your product/ application within 7 working days and afterword our consultants will start supporting your online users by regular communication and smooth coordination with level L1, L2 team depending upon the contract.

  • We provide 24×7 Support depending upon the nature of the contract. Standard mode of support is in official business hours and through email and online chat systems.
  • Our Support team uses ticket based support addressing systems with priority and severity level as assigned as per the nature of the support requests.
  • Our Support contracts are KPI and SLA driven with 99% uptime of customers systems.


According to Gartner, annual application development and support investment is roughly 43% of total IT spending.

Levers of advanced AMS measurement.

Productivity Metrics

No of incidents resolved
No of incidents outstanding
No of changes released
No of changes outstanding
No of open problems
No of open problems with RCA
No of enhancements outstanding
No of enhancements released
Service requests and incident volume trends

Performance Metrics

Immersive Experience

Incident response time
Mean incident resolution time
Mean incident resolution time per person
Mean change turnaround time
Total SLO violations
Total release downtime
Total application downtime
Total application degraded performance time
Total actual vs budgeted costs
Percentage of enhancements delivered on time
Percentage of enhancements delivered within budget
Effort categorization-Productivity, planned vs actual hours

Quality Metrics


Percentage of failed changes
Percentage of incidents reopened
Percentage of failed releases
Configuration item quality
Percentage of incidents or changes without proper documentation
No of recurring incidents


User provisioning & de-provisioning

New users for applications are provisioned by the Support team. Also, if any user to be de-provisioned, the same will be taken up Support team. This activity will be done through the SharePoint based ticket management admin console.

Query Resolution

Provide clarifications to queries from users on usage of the application. This activity is done through Email communication.

Defect Resolution

Provide fixes to defects and deployment of the application, after necessary approvals

Change Management process

Changes (i.e. new feature or enhancement) due to be implemented are taken as a “Change Request” and follow the “Change Management process”. Audit trail is maintained for such change requests.

Project Management Tool

Change request activities are performed through Project management tool and the deployments are done after necessary approvals as per the RFP process.

Resolution of Technical Issues and application defects

Application errors,Refinement of existing functionality in terms of performance, data orientation or any other business requirement

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