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Keeping pace with the digital transformation, market dynamics and ERP roadmap, we help our customers stay updated with their enterprise applications regularly to keep in pace with the advancements, innovations to streamline and transform enterprises into a real-time business.


Technical/Version Upgrade

We provide function / technical upgrade services as well as System landscape optimization (Application carve out) for divestiture. Help our customers carefully evaluate cloud ERP roadmap options before making a decision.

Technical-Version Upgrade

Functional Upgrade

USP/Differentiators of our Service Offering

Our application upgrade services have been tailored to bring efficiency in deployment, spend and resource utilization using our deployment model, advisory services and tools and accelerators

Adoption of Automation for Code remediation

Adoption of Automation for Code remediation

SLO Services

SLO Services

  • ERP Consolidation
  • ERP Migration across releases
  • Near zero downtime upgrades
  • Selective data migration
  • Data provisioning & masking for test systems

ERP Cloud migration

  • Cloud Transition
  • Cost effective application support model
  • Implement continuous improvement through automation
  • Measured by SLA
ERP Cloud migration


of the total IT budget is the percentage that companies spend on AMS.


Enhanced User Experience

Application upgrade provides enhanced user experience to the users as changes in the application platforms happen over time and versions are released.

Functionalities and Features

Immersive Experience

Updated versions of the application have improved features and functionalities to meet the growing business and user demands to address the new business processes.

Keeping Environment Current


Application upgrade provides opportunity to keeping IT landscape in current environment to prevent risk of data security breaches and bugs.


Latest Features

Application upgrade provides latest features and functionalities available with tech platforms to the users and enterprises for better and improved work processes.


Application upgrade provides integration opportunity with different LOB applications for multiple business process and customer and enterprise needs.

Enhanced Security

Application upgrade helps in keeping environment current which can prevent cyber attacks and data threats

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Application upgrades comes with fixes for existing bugs in the application paving way for better user experience and enhanced features and security.

Improved UI and UX

Application upgrade provides improved user experience due to new feature and functionality inclusion to meet the growing business demands.

User provisioning & de-provisioning

Application upgrade provides opportunity for new user provisions by the Support team. Also, if any user to be de-provisioned, the same is taken up Support team during upgrade processes.

Case Studies

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Valuable Group is a leading player with primary business interests within Media & Entertainment, Education and Technology.

iConnect-Dr. Reddy’s Knowledge Management System.

Creation of knowledge base and its optimum utilization makes drug approval filing faster and easy.

Innovation Management Platform for Employees for Auto Manufacturer.

 Honda R&D Americas, Inc. is an automobile, motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, lawnmower, boat engine, and jet airplane developer located in North America.

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What are the Key Decision Factors for App


What are the Key Decision Factors for App Cloudification?

Today, most enterprises trust their age-old legacy applications to support their business-critical systems. However, several critical concerns, as maintainability and scalability issues, are associated with the legacy system.



5 Tech Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

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