To provide functional and non-functional testing solutions, services to Customers both internal and external.

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Building Blocks of our Testing Services Offering.

Functional testing

Our team of expert testers provide extensive test coverage for functional testing. Our testing team is also having domain expertise in SharePoint, .Net, Java applications testing.

Non-Functional testing

Our team of specialists provide extensive test coverage for testing scenarios. We also provide performance, load test, usability and reliability testing under non functional testing.

Mobile testing

Our team of expert testers provide extensive mobile testing across multiple devices and platforms.

Test Automation.

Using tools such as Katalon, UIPath, as well as WebDriver, we provide test automation for testing assignments.

Ecommerce Platform/Digital Commerce Platform Testing Services.

SpadeWorx provides testing services for Digital commerce/ECommerce Testing Services Our domain expertise originates from providing testing services to largest IT retailers,CPG companies ecommerce platform and social selling platforms.We provide and execute testing services across browser, different devices ,different operating systems, mobile platforms and payment systems. Ecommerce testing services include, User experience, UI, functional testing, stress scalability and security testing across building blocks of digital commerce platforms modules such as customer management, product catalog and business rules management, order management,vendor management,partners management,sales,notification and approval workflows,shipping and logistics,backoffice & support and integrations.

Ecommerce Platform-Digital Commerce Platform Testing Services

Platform Applications Testing Services

Platform Applications Testing Services

Web Applications Testing Web Applications on a variety of platforms such as .NET, MVC, Java etc. SharePoint Applications Testing various SharePoint sites, Out of the box as well as customized. This includes SharePoint intranet sites, Workflow applications, and Site Migration. Mobile Platform Apps We provide testing for mobile apps and on mobile browsers on Android and iOS platforms. The test coverage includes installation/uninstallation, functional testing, interoperability etc.

Testing as a Service

SpadeWorx offers testing as a service to other companies on contract and managed testing services basis on any platform, technologies, functionalities. Our managed testing services are very popular with product development companies, technology startups, product modernization needs.

Testing as a Service

Our Team Experts In

Selenium WebDriver ( with Java &C#)

Katalon Studio



  • Most of the members are adapt at using Selenium Web driver, with either Java or C# for test automation. We use a Frameworks based approach to test automation.
  • Our team is experts in ZapTest for performing penetration testing, detailed report listing down the type of exploit, its cause and remedy.

  • We are adapt at Jmeter for performance testing and Security Testing.
  • We use Lambda test for cross browser and interoperability testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ‘Software Quality Assurance’?

    Software QA involves the entire software development PROCESS – monitoring the process, ensuring compliance, ensuring that problems are found and dealt with.

  • What is Performance Testing?

    Performance Testing is a type of software testing which ensures that the application under test will perform well under an expected load. It is performed to provide stakeholders, information about their application based on speed, stability, load and scalability. Performance Testing is used to detect and implement improvements on these parameters before the product is made available to the end customer.

  • Does every software need testers?

    Yes, Every software needs testing as the prime objective of any software is that it gets used by the users without any issues and have a great experience.Also the features and functionalities of the software needs to be tested to map every real life business scenarios which software may face depending upon business rules and processes. Form factor seamlessness along with user experience, scalability and security are some of the other key points which any software needs to be tested upon.

  • What is ‘Software Testing’?

    Testing involves verifying the operation of a system or application (also called Application Under Test)under controlled conditions and evaluating the results

  • Why do we need QA in SDLC process?

    Testing in SDLC helps to prove that all the software requirements are always implemented correctly or not. Testing in SDLC means that testing always improves the quality of product and project.

  • Why do we need a QA environment?

    QA environment are replica of the production and have exact the same features and functionalities as there in the production environment.QA engineers can test the complete features and functionalities in QA environment as well as also test if there are new features and upgrades in the applications without disturbing the production and real time customer usage. Once the QA approves seamless functionining production instances can be made live without any usages glitch.



“SpadeWorx testing services ensured that no glitches exist in complex business process related to order fulfilment.”

B2B Platform SME

Redington Gulf


SpadeWorx provided first PowerApps based application in Unilever globally and their rigorous testing ensured that it works seamlessly across large employee pool of Unilever. Just Great.

Jitendra Kumar

Digital Transformation, ETSC Bangalore

Raffle Buddy

SpadeWorx developed raffle buddy application and their managed testing team was always ready to incorporate growing demands of features and functionalities testing coming out of version rollouts on customer requests and business needs.

Ameya Hete

MD, Rafflebuddy

Case Studies

SharePoint Workflow Application for Processing Payment to Vendors

The Business Problem Challenges Unilever has several suppliers for its products and goods manufacturing and

SharePoint Lease Management Application for Largest CPG Company in the World

The Business Problem Challenges Unilever has over 1000 odd retail needs related to its operations

Microsoft SharePoint based Intranet Portal for Bahrain’s Leading Bank

The Business Problem Challenges NBB approached SpadeWorx to develop an

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