Xperience Summit & Awards, 2020

About this Event

Xperience Summit is a centralized momentous rejoinder for Businesses who are engrossed in building up the strategies with respect to their customer, employee, product, and brand experiences.

This summit will have the visionaries behind some of the most successful organizations come together to tell the stories behind their revolution while crafting and incorporating strategies around their business experiences giving them their hold in the market today.

Date of the Event: 30th-31st January 2020

Venue: Courtyard by Marriot, Mumbai

Bravo Nominated for Employee Experience Award

We have nominated Bravo- our Employee Recognition and Rewards platform under the category of “Employee Experience Awards.

About Bravo

“BRAVO is an Employee Social Recognition platform that promotes desirable behaviors to achieve business success.”

“Culture is the self-sustaining pattern of behavior that determines how things are done”

Companies can tap their natural advantage when they focus on changing a few important behaviors, enlist informal leaders, and harness the power of employees’ emotions

Using social networking technology and the power of appreciation, Bravo Enables you to

  • Enhance Employee Engagement
  • Build a culture of appreciation and respect
  • Promote value-aligned employee behaviors
  • Drive business performance with employee recognition
  • Get insights on organizational network analysis
  • Develop retention strategies
  • Give rewards to employees on the basis of recognition metrics.
  • Peer-to-peer recognition, give management spot awards, enable team recognition, felicitate nomination and years of service awards.

Bravo utilizes SharePoint inherent capabilities such as collaboration, content management, business intelligence & enterprise search capabilities and HTML5 coupled with JQuery to benefit from its Rich User Interface capabilities.

It also used Machine learning, artificial intelligence and augmented writing features to help employees write better recognition as well as a stunning visual report using Power BI.

Bravo is available in two variants: On-Premise Deployment, Microsoft Office 365 cloud. Either of these models have its own set of advantages and limitations. Customers may choose either of the versions depending on their enterprise IT policies and need. The Product is architected in such a manner that customer would easily be able to migrate should they deem it necessary, without losing any features, data or look and feel.

Our Recognition platform (Bravo) is a peer to peer employee recognition platform that not only enables an organization to promote value-aligned behaviors but also focuses on key success factors such as timeliness, expression, and accountability. Bravo has been designed keeping Millennials and gen Z in mind and they value the above three attributes the most. These attributes enhance engagement levels at work.

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