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Invasystems specializes in Industrial Data Analytics solutions focusing on all key aspects of client’s data. Whether it is about monitoring, anomaly detection, thermal performance or optimization of assets, we do it all.


Monitor your assets remotely


Detect anomalies using AI


Identify equipment degradation


Optimize resource utilization

Our Products

Our Software, Solutions and Services

Our Software module can digest large quantities of data collected from sensors to identify various types of “anomalies” in critical equipment and to prevent catastrophic failures. Hybrid modeling techniques ensure that analysis is done using independent methods to ensure accuracy of prediction.

InDB - Industrial Data Historian

InDB is a data historian built on Apache Cassandra and is very cost effective for process industries.


Uses artificial intelligence, statistical methods and thermodynamics analysis to detect anomalies in critical equipment and processes.


ExceLANCE is our real time thermal performance analysis software for the power industry and is based on GE's GateCycle and OSI PI System® historian.



Power companies are in ever-increasing competition to optimize their operations in order to improve their margins in the open power market. They need...

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry has been absorbing a downward price pressure in the recent past. It is imperative to remain competitive under such circumstances...

Process Manufacturing

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ProcDNA-power of data analytics