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Invasystems specializes in Industrial Data Analytics solutions focusing on all key aspects of client’s data. Whether it is about monitoring, anomaly detection, thermal performance or optimization of assets, we do it all.

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What we offer?

Augmented Intelligence and predictive real-time insights to a larger audience, from Digital solutions, has started to enable manufacturers to bridge operational gaps, improve reliability, process stability, sustainability metrics and provide dynamic performance benchmarks

Connected devices produce data for pre and post action items. Our IIoT and Analytics services help prepare you for the known and the unexpected too.

Products we have

Invasystems has developed products after identifying industry problems in real time data analytics and lack of data for preventive work to avoid equipment downtime.

ProcDNA – Predictive Analytics Platform

ProcDNA is a Predictive Analytics Platform designed for Industrial Data Analysis.

InDB– Staging database for connecting multiple data sources

Product for Data Aggregation, visualization and simple analytics

DiagnEASE – Rule Engine and Notification

DiagnEASE is a highly flexible software runs independently or in integration with InDB-the realtime data aggregator providing rule engine configurations.

Solutions we offer

Reliability Solutions

Process and manufacturing industries use a considerable amount of expensive equipment. Maintaining the health of such equipment is very important.

Remote Monitoring Solutions

Our remote monitoring solution provides centralized access to data, giving an overview of individual sites.

Performance Optimization Solutions

We provide optimization solutions for various industries which address operational, as well as maintenance-related.

Services we have

OSI PI services

Invasystems is OSIsoft® Partner for system integration and applications development.

Data Science services

Invasystems provides data science and analytics services to various industry sectors.


Services Differentiators

Efficiency and cost

Efficiency and cost

Availability and resilience

Availability and resilience

Speed and agility

Speed and agility

Security and reliability

Security and reliability

Process Flow

Process Flow - IIOT

Application Maintenance & Support engagement for an Oilfield Service Provider

Introduced key resources and best practices to architect the System Landscape optimization without any disruption to business continuity during divesture

Read full Case Study

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Invasystems focuses on providing a comprehensive IIoT solution to power, process manufacturing, oil and gas and equipment manufacturing sectors to help each boost their operational efficiency, improve health and safety and reduce unplanned downtime.