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Invasystems specializes in Industrial Data Analytics solutions focusing on all key aspects of client’s data. Whether it is about monitoring, anomaly detection, thermal performance or optimization of assets, we do it all.


Reliability Solutions

Process and manufacturing industries use a considerable amount of expensive equipment. Maintaining the health of such equipment is very important. The unforeseen breakdown of any critical equipment may result in the closure of the manufacturing process or the entire plant, possibly causing significant loss of profits.

The health of various critical components can be monitored in real time by ProcDNA, our AI-based anomaly detection platform. A combination of artificial intelligence and statistical methods are used in the platform.

Reliability Solutions

Remote Monitoring Solutions

Remote Monitoring Solutions

Our remote monitoring solution provides centralized access to data, giving an overview of individual sites and a detailed drilldown to all the critical equipment at each site. Real-time data provides a clear understanding of the status of the equipment.

Better asset management is achieved as remote monitoring allows to stay connected with all the critical assets, 24X7.

Performance Optimization Solutions

To have a meaningful understanding of the performance of a power plant, it is important to have a detailed model of both the individual components and the entire plant. For such analysis, thermodynamic models based on first principles are built using GE Energy’s GateCycle software or SimTech’s IPSEpro.

The flexibility of the software allows thermodynamic models to be built for any manufacturer’s equipment (GE, Siemens, Alstom, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, etc.).

Performance Optimization Solutions


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Remote Monitoring

Centralized database allows to manage multiple plant data at the same time, Plant Equipment Functional Relation, Simple Analytics gives Visualization through trends and tables .Store Realtime Process Timeseries Data at user specified intervals.

Data Analytics

Immersive Experience

Real Time Prediction also allows modification of independent variables, Allows to create predictive model using powerful algorithms, Customize training data on the fly, Visualize training data, Ease in training data selection, Correlation.

Convert Data to Action


Create, templatize Rules,
Exception based Surveillance indicate abnormality, Role based access, Integration with Email application, Logical grouping of Alerts according to severity class.


Predictive Model
Using Powerful Algorithms

Modify Independent Variables

Real Time Prediction

Customize Training Data On The Fly

Ease in Training Data Selection

Visualize Training Data, Correlation

Intuitive Interface

Leverage Cloud Infrastructure or Standalone Installation On Premise

Role Based Access

Plant Equipment Functional Relation

Generate Notification

Create, Templatize Rules

Case Studies

GMR Energy

GMR Energy has an operational capacity of over 4400 MW with a balanced fuel mix of coal, gas, LSHS as well as renewable sources of wind and solar energy. Operating assets are in Chennai (220 MW), Kakinada (220 MW), Vemagiri (388 MW) and many more all over India.

PI System® Implementation for Aditya Birla Group

The company has an installed capacity of 93 Million Tons Per Annum of grey cement having 18 integrated plants, 1 clinkerisation plant, 25 grinding units in India and 7 bulk terminals.

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics solution for TNB

TNB or Tenaga Nasional is the largest electric utility company in Malaysia. TNB’s core activities are in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.


How to Reduce Forced Outages


How to Reduce Forced Outages

Most industries follow best practices in Operations and Maintenance. Various RCM techniques are adopted to maintain high reliability of critical equipment.

Getting More Out of Your Time Series Data


Getting More Out of Your Time Series Data

Plant operating profits are a function of thermal performance and reliability. In many industries liked defense,



4-Step Process for IIoT Maturity

Given the breadth of IIoT our approach is to offer a solution using our own products, third party products and carefully designed service offerings.


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