CPG/Retail, Cement, Power Process Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Companies

The Mobien Sales Suite on the iNotify mobile application platform offers industry-specific templates for oil and gas, CPG/retail, cement, power, process manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, across multiple functional domains. They can be quickly customized to suit the specific needs of any organization. These applications can seamlessly integrate into a variety of backend IT applications like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle E-Biz. The suite enables field personnel to effortlessly conduct processes like booking orders, collecting payments, filing daily call reports, and accessing merchandising operations data in real time. At the same time, the system proactively presents various KPIs, including customer 360 degree views, analytical dashboards, promotion matrices, and others that help sales teams to up-sell and cross-sell and maximize their operational efficiency.


The Mobien Sales Suite streamlines all processes, from secondary order-taking to order execution to optimizing inventory in the entire front-end value chain. This allows companies to make their sales and distribution processes more agile, owing to the availability of data in real time across the value chain. The Mobien Sales Suite can integrate with a host of enterprise business systems enabling a better decision-making process. A strategic tool for superior business initiatives, it offers companies a very sound ROI model owing to the objective benefits that it brings to the table.


Complete control at your fingertips
The Mobien Sales Suite has an integrated administrative interface which allows control of all the data and user management. It enables administrators to create user logins and allocate devices to users for remote installation of the applications, and management of those apps to ensure uninterrupted operations in the field. The dashboard lets them manage and monitor all the hardware and software assets on their devices.

  • Mobien Sales

    • Beat planning/PJP
    • Sales order capture
    • Promotions
    • Field activities – visit reports, merchandising, inventory
    • Competition data
    • Reports & Analytics


  • Mobien DMS

    • Sales order execution
    • Claims generation
    • Inventory management
    • Sales returns payment collections
    • Promotions
    • Reports and analytics


  • Mobien Modern Trade

    • Shelf share and placement
    • Visibility tracking
    • Stock outs reporting
    • In shop branding
    • Ability to design configurable ATL/BTL check lists
    • Merchandising


  • Mobien Loyalty

    • Product catalog management
    • Rewards catalog management
    • Redemption management
    • Influencer loyalty status management
    • Leaderboards


Core Features

GIS / MAP Integration

Real time location data coupled with map integration ensures visibility of market coverage and dynamic allocation of tasks.

User Management

Comprehensive functionality for user mapping, rules and rights management. User profiles can be linked to hardware credentials providing enhanced security.


App notifications and SMS can be used to update end users and managers about status of various events or transactions.

Offline capability

Underlying architecutre ensures or complies offline capability for the app and thereby increase flexibility and usability of the app.

Unified Sync

iNotify middleware offers secure sync layer that ensures by directional synchronization between the app and middleware.


iNotiy offers a set of integration tools that enables the the integration of Mobien Sale Suite with any back-end ERPs, includingSAP and Oracle.




A virtual sales process at your fingertips

Process Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing

A virtual sales process at your fingertips



A virtual sales process at your fingertips

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