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Infinite Uptime

Infinite Uptime is a Silicon Valley-based industrial IoT solution provider for improved quality, productivity, monitoring and predictive maintenance in the engineering and processing industries. Infinite Uptime specializes in high-frequency data analytics, such as triaxial vibration and acoustic analyses, spectral analyses and pattern recognition for data annotation.
Infinite Uptime has several industrial IoT solutions, including a productivity solution for reciprocating machines, a predictive maintenance solution for rotating equipment such as motors, pumps, compressors or turbines, and an end-of-line test rig solution for transmission and powertrain manufacturers.


As an Application Provider, we build advanced data analytics applications for different industries including Power, Oil & Gas and Utilities, which seamlessly integrates with PI System® for real time equipment and/or process data. Our data analytics help customers in reducing their OPEX and thus augmenting the returns on their PI System®investment.

system integrator

As a System Integrator, we provide a variety of services on PI System® including system implementation, integration with other third party and/or inhouse applications, configuration, customization and bespoke application development. We also provide functional and technical support for PI Systems with a userbase spanning across multiple time zones globally.

Dell Boomi

Gartner ranks Dell Boomi as a leading provider of Integration Platform as a Service (iPasS) solutions. As a certified Boomi partner, Invasystems provides on-premises and cloud integration, API management, EDI, master data and workflow management. With the built-in intelligence of AtomSphere environment, the most complex integrations turn out three to ten times faster, making the time to value much shorter.
iPasS is ideal integration solution for small or large businesses, with diverse IT resources and budgets. With Invasystems, building, rolling out and managing integrations becomes extremely simple and companies can start immediately with integration without investing in the purchase and management of software or hardware.