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Viewed as a unique process empowerment tool, mobile apps offer rapidly-growing businesses a chance to extend their ERP and CRM solutions to remote field areas and enhance the process through digital transformation.

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What we offer?

Invasystems provides workforce automation solutions leveraging digital technologies such as artificial intelligence(AI), machine learning(ML), Robotic process automation(RPA) to lower the operational cost of delivering a product or service.

The purpose of workforce automation is to increase efficiency according to optimized business processes so that a company can deliver maximum value for the least possible cost.

Solutions we offer

Our Workforce Automation Solution broadly covers inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and service operations of companies.

Field Sales Automation

The tremendous increase in the number of smart mobile devices in the last few years has meant that mobility is now a game changer in the industry.

Field Service Automation

Mobility has changed the game for field services. Managing these operations and ensuring SLA compliance is a major challenge for Oil and Gas, facility management, equipment and process industries.

Van Sales

Van sales is the backbone of supply chain management for Direct Store Delivery (DSD) companies in the FMCG, CPG/Retail Industry.

Services Differentiators

Efficiency and cost


Ability to port any business application over any device with any form factor and any mobile OS

Availability and resilience

Offline Capable

Built in secure storage enables apps to work even in offline mode or when connectivity is unpredictable.

Speed and agility

Enterprise Integration.

Built-in integration adaptors and SOAP architecture allows incorporation with any ERP/CRM and delivers the highest ROI

Security and reliability

Business Workflows

Jumpstart mobility deployments by using our out-­of-­the-­box process templates and custom workflows

Process Flow

Process Flow

Sales Force Automation & Promotion Configurator for VIP

VIP Industries Ltd. has more than 8000 retail outlets across India and with a network of over 1300 retailers across 27 countries and diverse product range. With their multi-trade channels, the key challenges were secondary sales visibility

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