Conversations and Messaging, Searchable Works Like a “CHARM”

Digitalization has changed the way we work. And today, individuals can work on the same project, even sitting in different parts of the world without meeting physically. However, ineffective communication between members can hamper a team’s productivity and collaboration. Insufficient communication can cause project teams to become demotivated and unproductive. So, bridging the communication gap is a critical step all businesses must take, whether a small-scale industry or a multi-billion-dollar firm. Necessarily, all the active team members are equally responsible for the success or failure of a project. So, it’s not just enough to have proper domain knowledge and work separately; the individuals need to be interactive with other team members too.
Bots: A Boon or a Bane?
With the advancement in technology at the rapid pace, bots are learning how to perform some tasks on users’ behalf at each passing day. Now you might be thinking that bots will handle the everyday administration and management of the project without any human intervention. It will automate simple tasks to understand the key elements and use the knowledge to discover insights, make references, and perform complex tasks. Now there’s a contradiction; except the processes, project team collaboration has a strong human element in it, and that’s the most crucial part. Considering the above point, can bots replace humans for project management? Today’s project management activities are dependent on human input. All the information needs to be gathered, organized and utilized by human beings. Every team member of a project should be an innovative and critical thinker while machines manage routine works. So, humans need not worry about these smart innovations replacing them, instead think of it as a chance to improve the efficiency and productivity of their project teams.
How Bots Help Project Teams Collaborate in a Better Way?

Bots can perform several tasks, such as setting up reminders, updating timesheets, generating project reports, and much more. Though, adding Artificial Intelligence to it can help you with the far most innovative system to make informed decisions along with the data.

1. Team Collaboration

Collaboration is one of the major concerns for more substantial teams spread across different time zones.

An efficient and transparent communication across groups is vital for collaboration and removes inefficiencies. For better cooperation, bots help you coordinate with your team. It can help you with a variety of tasks such as schedule a meeting, find standard free time to book a meeting slot by matching the calendars of every team member. In case a team member has dropped out of the meeting due to any reason, you need to ask your bot to find the other time, and it will do for you. With bots, there is a negligible need for manual efforts that include back and forth of emails. Also, the interactions with a bot are engaging.

2. Consistent Data

Sometimes project teams find it challenging to maintain the aptness and quality of data. Even efficient teams can make error data that are difficult for machines to read.

Chatbots can get in touch with the team members at the end of the working day and provide them with a gentle reminder to input the status of their assigned tasks. Along with this, using AI can take care of the data consistency and offer smart advice to enhance the quality of data.

A bot can also organize all the entries and issue daily status reports that classify all the tasks of the members and any significant obstructions they’re facing.

3. Task Handling

Most of the time, team members juggle between multiple tasks, that isn’t easy. And it becomes even more complicated when they do everything manually. Without proper monitoring, employees switching between numerous tasks results in unplanned resource allocation and affects accountability.

To solve this issue, you can use bots for better team coordination. It can recognize if a sprint is about to face trouble and help you resolve this. Also, it can help you with real-time enhancement by providing training content and monitoring practices for possible issues.

Using bots, you can check the performance of each team member and the alignment of their deliverables to the overall goal of the project.

There’s no denying that businesses can benefit from this extra help in their daily activities. But at the end of the day, the way you choose to implement this innovation will determine whether a bot is good or bad for your team’s productivity. No doubt, bots are helping your employees to focus on critical tasks without worrying about mundane tasks. And AI integration will streamline your project team’s productivity. Let’s see how bots will impact your culture.

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