How bots help automation using MS Cognitive Services Framework

In this fast-paced world that is almost entirely technologically dependent; artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming a part of our everyday lives. Know what artificial intelligence bots are! For long, artificial intelligence has remained a vague idea, one which people weren’t able to fully comprehend.
Well, it is quite simple actually! In layman’s terms, artificial intelligence can be termed as the ability to infuse human abilities of decision making or speech recognition into technology. It simply means making technology as intelligent as us, so as to make life easier and less time-consuming. Take for example the widely popular personal assistant applications on your phone. From daily appointment reminders to help you locate the nearest pet store, these applications do it all. This basic form of artificial intelligence is something that makes your every errand quicker and easier.
Artificial intelligence bots (robots) are similar, but labour at a much larger scale than mere personal assistant applications. MS Cognitive Services is basically a framework that integrates intellectual and life-like qualities of vision, speech, language, and knowledge into A.I bots that help make processes within a company fully automated. MS Cognitive Services use tools such as cognitive thinking, natural language processing and machine learning within A.I bots to help automate. Cognitive thinking is the ability to soak in information, interpret it in an appropriate manner and perceive or react to the learned information suitably. Just like a human being, A.I bots are able to do this! Usually, computers need to have information fed into them in a systematic and organized manner and in a specific language that needs to remain unchanged. Natural language processing is the ability of an A.I bot to interpret and analyze a person’s natural language and speech thus diminishing the effort of making use of Java, C or other programs and use only basic human language to function. Machine learning is the ability of a computer to deal with the interpretation of data unsupervised. It is the computer’s ability to evolve and make intelligent decisions on its own. All of these abilities are infused into a bot making it intelligent and giving it the power to make calculated decisions.
Collaborating with Microsoft Cognitive Services, SpadeWorx develops artificial intelligence bots that can be used on a large scale in the corporate world. Our company creates user-centric customized bots that are unique in its utility. These bots are crafted to essentially manage, curate and simplify processes that are time-consuming and fraught with inefficiency. For example, SpadeWorx recently created the Leave Manager Bot which helps employees and managers to redefine the way the leave request, approval, and management processes are carried out. The employees can apply for their leave using the customized bot, are able to check for holidays that are available, can send approval notifications or pose questions. For managers or those in charge of the approval process, the A.I bot can present previous leave approved timelines, pending requests, various colleagues in the department who are on leave, calendars, etc. This easy mode of conversation that is systematic and practical, cuts to the chase and makes the entire process simpler than if done manually. Apart from the Leave Manager Bot SpadeWorx prides itself on creating various other artificial intelligence bots and programs to make work more productive and energy-efficient.

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