Idea management platform for the creative generation

Human Resource Management seems like an easy job. However, is it so? It is challenging to consider the necessities of a diversified crowd. Every individual in an organization is different from the other. So how would you hold them? Listening to their ideas and opinions to understand their needs can be a good start. An idea management system can help in this regard, to address the voice of the employees before the management of the organization.
So, what does the New Majority of the workplace seek?
Today’s workplace is filled with millennials; millennials who are often criticized to be egocentric, impatient and work-shy. However, they are misconstrued. A big fat cheque cannot keep this generation happy. Instead of complaining about adapting for millennials, it’s imperative for leaders and managers to acknowledge the role of millennial behavior as an indication of the needs of the modern workplace to attract, leverage and retain modern talent.
This self-expressive generation desires for platforms where they can work with an open mind and where they are valued. They want to work for organizations whose missions and visions align with theirs. They are a workaholic generation provided, they see individual growths in the work they are doing. Transparency in the workplace is regarded as a priority by this generation. Rather than following a specific agenda for work, they like to put forward their ideas and make meaningful contributions. Millennials believe in quality rather than quantity. They like to be reviewed based on their performance and not on basis of the working hours. Millennials don’t want to be managed, indeed they like to be led, coached and mentored. This generation is on fire and ready to go, if only you are ready to change the culture. This is one of the major reasons why successful, foresighted innovative businesses like Google, Airbnb, Netflix, Philips and many such companies have a workforce that comprises mostly of creative millennials. These companies have managed to harness the talents and skills of this highly creative generation to reach new milestones and achieve new goals constantly.
How can you retain your best people?
In a time when the fourth industrial revolution is overtaking the world, it has turned into a need to rely on the tech-savvy generation and on their ideas in the workplace. To be on par with today’s market an organization needs a skilled and committed workforce.
According to a recent report, 75% of the workplace will be occupied by millennials by 2025. Thus, a digital platform that can address the requirements related with recording and managing the ideas of the bright minds in the organization and at the same time can integrate with other enterprise applications, is the need of the hour for every organization to become successful and sustain in the long run. It’s time to replace the old age suggestion boxes with digital applications to build an environment that can nurture the ideas of the people in the workplace and build a culture of transparency, fairness and mutual development.
How can an Idea Management System help?

An Idea Management Platform will

1. Give Employees a Collaborative platform to input & brainstorm ideas to engage people in groups, align with company goals and strategy execution
2. Give Organization first movers advantage in the market against their competitors resulting in higher market share and product/services churn
3. Provide a repository of ideas for the organization as an IP Bank which will be of more strategic value.
4. Create a perception and goodwill among the customers/industry as a growth-oriented company.

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