Interactive Work space !

Work Place is a mixture of cogent environment and learning place where we need to adopt new technology jargons each time. The effect is so supernumerary that you need to get engulfed with them. Many times it is needed to lore the employees about new products. But this guidance limits the learning process by the Instructor’s presence and availability. Presently there are some interactive ways to provide the guidance that makes the delivery process easier and fruitful. This interactive workplace makes one on one approach with peers and management relatively smooth. With additional features like Knowledge management or Content Management, employees can constantly access all the documentation easily and will not face any hindrance in task delivery process.
Interactive Workspaces draw more than the meeting rooms. From meeting rooms perspective, People shift from their comfort zone and attend the training session which most of the time does not result in desired productivity. More so over when we look at a diverse working environment, different time zones, availability of resources, meeting rooms looks more far-fetched. Interactive workplaces make more sense ever as compared to the past. With Interactive workplace solution, any organization can provide its employees
  • A common platform for accessing any document/information
  • Share and get updates from others
  • Seek Suggestion for improvement and comments- subject matter expertise.
  • Acts as a learning curve
Above features in interactive workplaces make employees work in a more organized manner, brings inclusion and aligns with company objectives as well.SpadeWorx has deployed the Interactive WorkPlace Solutions to different companies where it has become easy to monitor, share and deploy the tasks that too in time. Interactive Workplace solutions can become part of :
  • Enterprise Portals (Internet / Intranet / Extranet)
  • Enterprise Content/ Document Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Business Process Automation (Workflow)
Interactive Workspace is the need of the hour for a high-class business to find and explore the merits of collaborative working.

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