Product Engineering, formula to incorporate concept into product!

I have an idea but how will I incorporate it successfully?? Here comes into the picture the process of product engineering. It’s a formula to incorporate the idea or a concept into a product. Let’s say you have a concept and want to transform it into a product. What steps you will take??
  • Do some research
  • Ask friends
  • Discuss with peers
  • Check the limitations
  • Gather the required resources
  • Start Implementing
These are the layman steps but if we make them structured and design then these will form the steps of product engineering. Yes not to complicate, Product Engineering is a new area where companies are spending tremendous amount so that forte of the product will not be a failure. Now we have idea management solutions, where we can gather the review for the concept. Once the concept is well accepted, the process to develop the product starts. Product engineering has proven very promising in the present era. It has removed the enormous amount of repetitive work by creating a standard process that entails the cost issues, resources, quality, features and other detailed points that can be involved in the lifespan of product or service.
There are many phases which are compiled in Product Engineering. Now we have SaaS (Software as a service) that has transformed the traditional phase of delivering user-specific services to a well-designed Product Engineering process. It starts with Developing then Testing and ends with the Maintenance phase. The developing phase is the most critical phase, if we don’t spend time on it we may end in overspending the last phase. Whatever be the concept it should be the practice of involving rigorous research. Ask peers, friends, clients, customers their view, just ask don’t stop. You may get a clear vision of the acceptance of the concept. This gathered information can be used to create a well-structured architecture. Keep moving and design the product with the steps involved in the architecture. Start testing this pro-model by doing the Release Test and Quality Assurance Testing. You can also include regression and Stress Testing. Also, do the performance and compatibility testing of the product in the said environment. Testing gives the conjugated report of all the errors and bugs in the pro-model of the product. With it starts the Maintenance phase, where you start bug fixing, product enhancement and support and finding the proper solution. If well followed it is an interesting process and much-planned way to create a remarkably distinct product. It is must to add a wow factor to the product to survive in this diverse and competitive world. As it is well said as we innovate we evolve.

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