Beyond Solutions: Providing Memorable Experiences

Though Age-old dictum “satisfied customer” still applaud, we should focus on creating a scintillating, dramatic, encompassing novel experience for the user.We continue to talk about service and quality as the key attributes of “value-added”, instead, we must understand that “Experience” is not only a big word with gigantic connotation but also that is linked with expectations.
The value-added for most or any company comes from the quality of experiences provided. An experience is holistic, total, encompassing, transforming whereas a service is a transaction.
Experience is an event. An event happening with a beginning, a middle and an end. An experienced event leaves an indelible memory.
The Age of Aesthetics has arrived: Design Rules … Period!!
The integrated solutions are now meant to be emphasizing the soft attributes (the intangibles as we call them) of the products or services-attributes such as convenience, friendly, easy, comfort, beauty, warmth, companionship and last but not the least being Seriously Cool.
The sum up what customers get from all of these is not so easy word- “Experience”.
Apple does not sell mobile phones. What they sell is an experience. An experience which brings sheer delight to the user with the way it hooks them to be it with its design, interface, functionality and usability. This is the reason that separates it apart from other vendors Any product or service which is used by a customer should be driven by creating important experiences that tempt the client to commit substantial resources. Once the essence of the desires of the customers is aligned with the right tunes of experiences, the symphony of repeat business always will flourish. Success for companies is certain when they help clients become what they want to be. Software Solutions should embed features which gives a “new –me” experience every day to the users. Like Starbucks coffee. They do not sell coffee but sell experiences by creating an environment where people come every day to seek refuge. That makes an everlasting experience, extending the chord of customer connect that brings him/her again and again. Our software designs and usability should be principled and structured in the same manner so as to elicit a response-“Wow that is what I was looking for “ or “Seems like tailor-made for me”. Solving customer problems in an easy and usable manner may seem simple but in fact, it is the hardest challenge software enterprises face today. It is no more B2B or B2B selling but now its H2H (Human to Human) and sooner the learning curve is traversed, easier it is to get closer to customers.

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