Quick is smarter and Power BI is both.

Power BI a set of business analytics tool that extracts the data from excel or third party data sources and creates a dashboard. This dashboard is a more simplified version with visually impressive pie charts, graphs fetched in real-time. This app has changed the look over of the data objects and showcased it in an artistic way. The attractive and impressive dashboards are the understandably enamoured feature of Power BI. Imagine you have a presentation and you don’t have data generated for it. Power BI has outcasted this rigorous conduct of fetching the cumbersome data and generate the reports extremely in a smooth way.
Many times I had to use the data from different sources that were having a different interface and to be aligned in the same report, Power BI has paved the way for it by being a repository of the big data objects. The real-time data drives business intelligence and help in taking vulnerable decisions quickly. Earlier, I used to bank on the designers to make my reports visually impressive but with Power BI I can create the customized reports as per my usage and share it. Power BI has stunning built-in visuals and easy to customize the dashboard that can be shared across the globe with anyone. It is easy to select the high priority data and create a dashboard with selective data objects. I fetch the data from large excel sheets having millions of rows and create a dashboard that has data mix of SharePoint, HTML5, Excel and many more. Whenever I need to do an analysis of my website I club the data from Google Analytics, Mail Chimp and Microsoft CRM Dynamics in a single Dashboard to analyze my website visitors. Power BI has made my work effortless to create pivot tables and KPI in one dashboard. Its coherent and interactive insights of surplus data connected with big enterprise apps make my data look immersive. Power BI can collect data from Excel sheets, local data and cloud-based data source. I run simple queries that I have automated to get the reports automatically refreshed and are helping me in taking the decision quick and more precise.
Quick is smarter and Power BI is both! Get Smarter with Power BI.

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