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Customer is one of the largest food and confectionary maker in the world with operations in Europe and USA. As part of their merger and divestures plan, some of the business units needed to be split and operations to be streamlined. The main challenge was to keep the business continuity, assessment of IT landscape and to decide upon what to retain, what to migrate and what to modernize so as to meet the future business demands as well. Invasystems was selected as the final execution partner for this after completing with some of the largest IT companies operating in the similar space and business offerings.

Customer Needs

  • Enterprise wanted to do multiple SAP system carve out post divestiture keeping all the previous business process and records working as usual.
  • Important challenge was to maintain data accuracy and integration post carve out.
  • IT landscape involved multiple SAP applications usage and company wanted to have effective utilization of SAP resources post carve out.
  • One the then most important challenge was the readiness of carved out instance within aggressive timeline so as to have less time for in between scenarios and delays.

The Solution

  • Selective Data carve out using SAP SLT System
  • Selective Data Carve out from the prod systems
  • Validation of the Data
  • Final Data carve out and validation of data
  • Restore Full Database & all Incremental Database backups
  • Recover Database
  • Check Database recovery & SAP System health
  • Updates data base statistics, ensures DDIC consistency, starts SAP instance
  • Perform standard post-migration activities
  • Connectivity validations and AD integrations
  • Perform post-migration tests

The Benefits

  • Error free data carve out 
  • Carve out of Data from SAP ECC  using the SAP SLT(TDMS) product
  • Lesser testing effort
  • Faster stabilization and onboarding
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