About This Customer/ Company Objective

Our Customer is a Highly responsive, client-centric firm providing consulting, inspection, and monitoring services to sectors of the power generation industry. A global leader in providing innovative engineering solutions. Using a multidisciplinary approach, our experts bring a fresh perspective and proven solutions for structural evaluation and repair. Their signature services offer a unique blend of state-of-theart science and old-fashioned customer service.

The Business Problem

For Large plants which deal into Power, Nuclear, Fossils and oil and gas pipelines its critical for them to understand the metal conditions and industrial environment and their impact on overall asset management. Timely and accurate information is a critical component. Nonawareness of such factors are a sure shot recipe to failure and also can cause huge financial losses.

Customer wanted an analytics platform which could give them comprehensive understanding of the real cause of aging related degradation or manufacturing deficiencies for optimizing their short- and long-term repair decisions.



The Solution

How Spadeworx (An Invasystems Company) Helped

SpadeWorx in discussion with customer came out with an analytic platform which would enable them to take timely decisions related to integrity of their plant and industrial units. This included integration of different data sensors in operation of plant with the analytic engine and their configuration of operations limits. Users could also set a range what they found to be acceptable limit related to creep damage, fatigue damage, attemperator pooling and impingement. Analytics were utilized to churn the data and give notification and reporting.

Benefits For User

  • Failure Analysis and Insight into future and possible repeat failures.
  • Preventive action plan strategy
  • Cost Saving
  • Preventing operational downtime.

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