About This Customer/ Company Objective

The Business Problem


Customer wanted a high degree of flexible site with content creation, editing and creating of webparts for its different services. The problems they has were having less control on HTML and CSS which limits the customizing the interrace, Extensibility with integrating own code /modules, Multiple sites management, challenges in deployment, limitation in third party integration



The Solution

How Spadeworx Helped

SpadeWorx designed and developed an enterprise level website wherein Editing of web site content was achieved through a friendly browser-based interface – anytime and anywhere, company could create own web parts and import in website, creating sub sites within same website, cloning existing site with new one, importing and exporting packages for deployment

The Benefits

Benefits For User

  • Easy to use and Customization
  • Strong SEO
  • Content Staging
  • Configuring workflows as per business need
  • Lucene-based search functionality

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