Get a method to the madness at work with Workstream Collaboration Applications

Workstream collaboration is an immersive, rapid-response collaborative work model to improve team agility. This includes leveraging conversation workspace, usage of BOTs, Files sharing, task management, and many more collaborative capabilities:


In the past, organizations (read employees) have worked on systems and applications which used to cater to specific challenges and business needs. These disconnected and disjointed systems, most of the time create bottlenecks for employee productivity and efficiencies at workplace wherein one struggles with working and collating different information sources, coming from different applications, collaboration with other team members, messaging and chat in silos and to top it all search for relevant content/document within those systems. Emails to a certain extent do cater to collaboration, but that is also not enough.
The sum of it all is a cumbersome and frustrating experience for Employees with hopping in and out of never-ending threads of information supplied to achieve certain tasks.
With emerging needs from organizations, be it related to business processes, operational requirements, forecasting, predictivity, business continuity, and innovation- Systems can’t be disconnected and disjointed
which poses a challenge for employees to do work better and efficiently in minimum time.

Purpose of Workstream collaboration
The Purpose of Workstream collaboration applications is to improve team coordination, performance, communications, and productivity.


1. Brings Information at one platform
With our intranet-based applications, information which is important for employees for executing daily work for achieving a certain task can be categorized, sourced from different siloed applications. Of course, the technology works in the background to give all on a platter to employees to leverage to the best of their needs.
2. Inbuilt Conversations and messaging, Searchable

As it’s always said that to get clarity- Lets talk/chat and come to a conclusion. Yes agreed in entirety Today’s chats and instant messaging applications are of primitive versions and are not designed to support important workflows. Workstream collaboration apps like Teamchat are built to get conversational aspects in the work scenarios.
BOTs are also an integral part of workstream collaboration which acts as a digital assistant to the employee for quickly getting information that is relevant and usable.
One of the biggest advantages of these apps is their search features on content and conversation which employees can go back to and refer specific scenarios and reduce duplication of work.

3. The User Experience Angle

People perform better and efficiently when human to computer interaction is more like human to human.

Workstream applications are designed to understand the needs of employees to perform tasks, communicate, share, access to files and document seamlessly across all touchpoints such as mobile and desktop which enhances users experience and utility.

4. Omnichannel

Be it specific projects or certain task, employees prefer an omnichannel which gives them the freedom to leverage information be it in terms of document, content, chat and messaging, email, discussions, and people.

Workstream collaboration apps make these possible enabling employees to work faster and efficiently.

5. Aligned with Future Workplace
With fast strides being made in technology, workplaces are changing rapidly and so is the expectation of employees and the way they prefer to work. Mundane work, mindless meeting hours, non-relevant data, and intricacies on dreaded navigation will soon be the thing of the past. Workstream collaboration applications are designed to engage the modern workers with the tools which felicitate workflows, integration with different systems, conversations, information availability resulting in better ways to work and efficiently too.

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