Onboarding beta testers and real-time simulations experiences

About This Customer/ Company Objective
Customer is one of the largest data centers in USA with over 8000+ Employees

The Business Problem Challenges

Customer had global program which was aimed to create a means by which end users within the company can test new technology. Test drive specific documents should be shared over individual MS Teams channel.

The Solution

How An Invasystems Company Helped 

Invasystems proposed a SharePoint based gamified application developed using React framework. Application allows to register user for test drive and earn points. MS Teams PS API used for integration. This provided better user experience due to gamification and increased engagement from employees.

The Benefits

Benefits For User

  • Gamified version to attract users
  • Globally accessible to all users with leadership dashboard.
  • Easy way to decide new technology acceptance in organization.
  • Quick document sharing over MS Teams


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