About This Customer/ Company Objective

Anritsu Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation in the telecommunications electronics equipment market and A global pioneer for producing the world’s first wireless telephone network.

The Business Problem


Doing Tower or DAS(Distributed Antenna System) testing to Communicate, Validate and Deliver accurate results to end users required to invest cost and time.



The Solution

How Spadeworx Helped

SpadeWorx conceptualized and developed SkyBridge Tools is a trace management system for RF and Optical contractors to network operators working with Anritsu Handheld instruments. It is a Cloud based trace management system that streamlines data analysis, processing, collection and reporting.

It allows everyone involved in Tower or DAS testing to Communicate, Validate, and Deliver accurate results. SkyBridge Tools has both on-line and off-line capabilities.

The Benefits

Benefits For User

  • It automated the collection and validation of many thousands of traces, reducing costs and improves ROI
  • SkyBridge Tools™ Saves Contractors Time, Reduces Rework, and Results in Timely completion of work
  • SkyBridge Tools allowed field technicians to more clearly understand their project work, validate their in-building DAS or tower installations, and deliver accurate results the first time.

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