About This Customer/ Company Objective

Mahindra and Mahindra, an Indian multinational company with presence in over 100+ countries is in the business of manufacturing Personal and commercial vehicles along with its other divisions looking into various industries such as aerospace,hospitality,retail,steel,real state and finance and many other.It has employee count of 250,000 people.

The Business Problem


Mahindra for its two-wheeler division has more than 20,000 supplier for its various automotive parts. Mahindra was looking for a Supplier portal platform which should facilitates easy communication channel between Mahindra Suppliers and Mahindra Employee. In current scenario all the information was scattered so with the help of this portal user will get all the information at a common place.



The Solution

How Spadeworx Helped

SpadeWorx with various user workshops, surveys and feedback with Mahindra suppliers and with its employee came up with a supplier collaboration platform to make a stronger relationship between Mahindra and its suppliers. Supplier portal provided is highly intuitive & user friendly & became a World class benchmark.

The Benefits

Benefits For User

  • One stop communication channel between suppliers and manufacturer.
  • Information exchange, communication and issues were solved using one platform
  • Provided a better efficiency and collaboration with the suppliers.

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